Facility Maintenance and Support

TIS personnel are skilled in using cost-effective work processes and cutting-edge HAZMAT equipment and technology for environmental work in a diverse array of manufacturing, chemical, and other industrial processes. With our unique equipment and skill sets, we can take on a wide variety of industrial service and supporting roles.

Facility Operation & Maintenance

TIS has the experience and expertise necessary to run multi-site programs in order to maintain your facilities. We manage waste water, storm water, and sanitary treatment systems, as well as fuel, oil and chemical tank systems, pumping systems, dust recovery systems, and can assist with other industrial facility maintenance needs.

Industrial Cleaning

TIS offers trained personnel and equipment to keep your facilities contamination-free, safe and compliant. We maintain high-pressure washing equipment, pumps and hoses, and decontamination gear in order to tackle any industrial clean-up. We excel at developing creative solutions to your specific challenges.

Profiling & Waste Management

To effectively manage waste from various sources, TIS has the expertise to accurately characterize hazardous and non-hazardous wastes on your site. We can containerize, transport, and dispose wastes developed as part of your projects or our clean-up work.

Environmental & Spill Remediation

We know the cost of improper remediation. From initial site characterization through revegetation, TIS is here to minimize your liability with compliant, professional environmental recovery. We have the equipment and veteran knowledge to mitigate and restore your spill sites to their original condition.

Professional Industrial Asset Management

Let our skilled crew bring our full complement of equipment to your industrial site project to help in numerous different ways.

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