Boulder Facility Sanitization

TIS norovirus mitigation worker

norovirus mitigationDescription: On December 6, 2019, TIS received a phone call from client management expressing an employee had tested positive for norovirus and wanted TIS to sanitize the areas where the employee was known to occupy. On December 7, 2019, TIS gathered equipment and materials and mobilized to the facility. TIS met with management personnel who showed the areas to be sanitized initially. To begin disinfecting procedure, TIS utilized a chlorine bleach and water solution as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). 

TIS then went through various offices, restrooms, and common areas and sprayed the bleach solution on all high-touch areas (door handles, sinks, light switches, stall handles, toilet handles, urinals, countertops, office furniture, desks, drinking fountains, microwaves, etc.) let it dwell for the recommended 10-20 minutes before rinsing the surfaces with wet cloths. Once completed, TIS notified client management of the completion of the disinfecting procedure and de-mobilized back to the shop to de-brief. 

 On Thursday December 12, 2019, client management once again called TIS to request additional rooms be disinfected due to the known norovirus infected employee occupying other rooms. TIS gathered equipment, mobilized to the facility, and deployed the same disinfecting materials, PPE, and methods as before. 

norovirus mitigation workerAll in all, 18 rooms (restrooms, conference rooms, laboratories, and common areas) were sanitized using cotton rags and bleach solution, spray bottles, and mops for the floors. 

PPE utilized during the sanitation response included Tyvek® suits, air-purifying respirators with GME cartridges suitable for chlorine vapors, nitrile gloves, and rubber over shoes when cleaning the floor.