Shreveport Water Treatment Plant Constructions

TIS workers near water treatment plant during construction
water treatment equimentDescription: A Class I Railroad contracted TIS to design and install a new Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP), in Shreveport, LA, for their locomotive repair facility. TIS was asked to disassemble the previous WWTP and then design and install the new treatment plant to fit within the existing footprint. The improved design needed to accommodate for the frequent washing of locomotives that occurs in this high-traffic rail yard. water treatment containerThe new WWTP needed to be capable of chemically treating a significant amount of wash soap in order to meet the city permit requirements. TIS determined that a Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system should be installed to replace the existing Oil Water Separator (OWS). The DAF system was comprised of the chemical feed pumps, variable speed drives, a programmable Logic Controller (PLC), HVAC system, a sludge tank, chemicals, chemical mixers, an air compressor, sample ports, a concrete leveling pad, a building, and insulation. water treatment gear up closeThis design and construction project took 11 months to complete. Since the new WWTPs installation, the client has remained within their city permit limits and has not experienced any compliance issues. The DAF system was a vital upgrade to the previous OWS. TIS has an exceptional understanding of treatment systems and what is necessary to keep clients in compliance with environmental regulations.