Industrial Services, Boulder, CO

Industrial cleaning services

TIS mobilized a five-person crew to Boulder, CO on April 9, 2019 to conduct the degreasing and cleaning of seven vacuum pumps for a major industrial client.  Each pump had been leaking oil over a period of months, which caused oil, dirt, and grime to buildup in each pump and pump area.  It was determined that if each pump could be degreased and cleaned, client personnel could better locate the source of any oil leaks.

After meeting with a client engineer, TIS conducted a tailgate safety meeting and discussed the hazards of the project.  Upon accessing the facility, TIS set up the necessary cleaning equipment.  White Tyvek suits and chemical gloves were worn by all workers to protect them from physical contact with oil and the degreaser.

Each pump was cleaned by spraying Crystal Simple Green degreasing solution onto the greasy spots, scrubbing these spots with brushes, and then wiping them with rags.

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The oily staining on the concrete bases of the pumps was cleaned by rubbing absorbent clay granules (similar to kitty litter) into the stains.  The absorbent was then swept, vacuumed up, and placed into six-millimeter thick plastic barrel liners, along with the dirty cleaning rags.  Everything was then disposed of in a non-hazardous roll-off dumpster.

Approximately 10 gallons of the dirty degreasing solution were transferred into a 55-gallon steel closed-top drum, which was furnished by the client.

TIS thoroughly cleaned all seven pumps and pump areas in one day.  Each clean pump was photo-documented.  After successfully completing this project, TIS loaded their equipment and demobilized from the site.