Midstream Terminal Tank Services

crane raises repair crew up to the top of a large round storage tank

Damaged tank imageDescription: TIS was contacted by a midstream pipeline client to repair/replace the missing and damaged geodesic roof vent screens of a 73.5’ transmix tank. The lack of effective screening (Picture 1) in areas allowed birds to access the area above the steel Internal Floating Roof (IFR), causing a bird waste issue for Terminal workers. This prevented them from accessing the IFR to winterize and de-winterize the floating roof drain. TIS gathered the needed materials and mobilized to Wichita, KS. 

crane raises repair crew up to the top of a large round storage tankFrom August 20th-22nd, TIS went to work repairing/replacing screen vents. A 65’ manlift (Picture 2) was brought in to provide workers access to the screen vent areas on the outer edge lip of the geodesic dome roof. Once an area of missing/damaged screen was accessed with the manlift, workers measured the length and width of each straight run of screening structure. The measurements were relayed to ground workers, who would cut replacement pieces with a grinding wheel from 4’x8’ sections of new screening. These replacement screen vent pieces would be lifted by rope back into the manlift for installation. 

crew person repairing tank roof ventTo install each piece, it was decided to cut notches around the vent screen structure for easy sizing. Each piece was marked (Picture 3) according to needed notch size and cut to fit in place. Cutting in the manlift was accomplished by using a standard set of bolt cutters. Once a replacement piece was sized and placed, it was secured by drilling self-tapping screws, with flat washers, into the strap-metal structure of the geodesic roof. This pinched the screening between the washer and metal structure to hold it in place (Picture 4). 

 Approximately 150’ of new screen material was installed, and all problem areas were repaired without incident. The topside of the IFR was also cleaned and pressure washed to remove all traces of bird waste. 

finished vent repair photo