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Midstream Pipeline Terminal


Description: TIS was contacted by a midstream pipeline client to isolate & clean a 52’ diameter gasoline tank in Lincoln, NE. The tank was emptied, cleaned, and taken out of service due to API 653 10-year inspection requirements. The primary objective of TIS was to remove any trace of explosive vapors/material and leave the tank […]

Midstream Terminal Tank Services

crane raises repair crew up to the top of a large round storage tank

Description: TIS was contacted by a midstream pipeline client to repair/replace the missing and damaged geodesic roof vent screens of a 73.5’ transmix tank. The lack of effective screening (Picture 1) in areas allowed birds to access the area above the steel Internal Floating Roof (IFR), causing a bird waste issue for Terminal workers. This […]

Tank Gasket Replacement

EFR manaway gasket

On Friday, June 5, 2020, TIS arrived at the Spokane Terminal to repair/replace a manway gasket on an above ground storage, external floating roof. Though the manway had been previously repaired with a Belzona brand industrial composite around the edge of the flanges, over time a small leak would be observed when the external floating […]

Midstream Tank Services

TIS tank services

Description:  From April 14th through the 26th, TIS was called on to perform twelve initial in-service external floating roof (EFR) seal inspections of newly built crude oil storage tanks. These tanks ranged in size from 134’ to 244’ in diameter and were located at various storage terminals around the areas of Odessa, TX and Corpus […]

Storage Tank Servicing

storage tank services

On March 28th-29th, TIS mobilized to Cahokia, IL to clean a fuel storage tank for a major pipeline company.  The 33-foot gasoline storage tank featured a steel internal floating roof (IFR), with CBI-designed legs. After the internal floating roof legs were set in high position by TIS, the tank was diesel-flushed twice and emptied by […]

Fuel Storage Tank Cleaning

Fuel Storage Tank Cleaning

Description:  In July of 2009, TIS was mobilized to Albuquerque, New Mexico to de-gas and clean a 45-foot diameter fuel storage tank with an external floating roof (EFR) used for low-lead Aviation Gasoline (Avgas). TIS accessed the top of the EFR under confined space permit to remove numerous dead pigeons. Personal protective equipment (PPE) worn by […]

Fuel Storage Tank Servicing

Fuel Storage Tank Service

Description: TIS mobilized a 3-man Confined Space Entry team to a large Pipeline Terminal in Fountain, Colorado on October 16, 2001 to clean an Ethanol tank. Company  personnel had pumped the tank out, blinded off all piping leading into the tank, prior to TIS’ mobilization. TIS’ checked the tank’s atmosphere with a Multi-Rae Plus meter […]