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 From April 14th through the 26th, TIS was called on to perform twelve initial in-service external floating roof (EFR) seal inspections of newly built crude oil storage tanks. These tanks ranged in size from 134’ to 244’ in diameter and were located at various storage terminals around the areas of Odessa, TX and Corpus Christi, TX. 

Upon accessing each of the various terminals, TIS personnel would follow the same procedure to complete each inspection. After a thorough safety meeting, a low-energy hot work permit would be completed, allowing TIS vehicular access into each tank dike. Workers would confirm that all tank valves were closed, eliminating any oil movement into or out of a tank. TIS would then unload equipment, ascend the spiral tank ladder, and perform air monitoring of each EFR space from the landing platform. Three men entered onto the EFR from a tank’s rolling ladder once entry conditions were deemed acceptable. 

 TIS tank servicingOnce entered onto the EFR, workers would begin by checking the secondary Weather Shield seals for gaps with 1/8” wooden dowels. Upon completion of secondary seal checks, the primary shoe seal was then checked. This was accomplished with one worker using a 5” seal roller to keep the secondary seal pulled back, while another worker checked for gaps in the primary seal using 1/8” and ¼” wooden dowels. Width and length of any gaps were reported by radio to the attendant stationed on the landing platform for recording. Entrants exited the EFR space once the secondary and primary seal checks had been completed. TIS would then stow equipment and demobilize from the site. 

Based on gap data, every tank passed inspection according to the client’s criteria.