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Midstream Pipeline Terminal


Description: TIS was contacted by a midstream pipeline client to isolate & clean a 52’ diameter gasoline tank in Lincoln, NE. The tank was emptied, cleaned, and taken out of service due to API 653 10-year inspection requirements. The primary objective of TIS was to remove any trace of explosive vapors/material and leave the tank […]

Tank Gasket Replacement

EFR manaway gasket

On Friday, June 5, 2020, TIS arrived at the Spokane Terminal to repair/replace a manway gasket on an above ground storage, external floating roof. Though the manway had been previously repaired with a Belzona brand industrial composite around the edge of the flanges, over time a small leak would be observed when the external floating […]

Storage Tank Servicing

storage tank services

On March 28th-29th, TIS mobilized to Cahokia, IL to clean a fuel storage tank for a major pipeline company.  The 33-foot gasoline storage tank featured a steel internal floating roof (IFR), with CBI-designed legs. After the internal floating roof legs were set in high position by TIS, the tank was diesel-flushed twice and emptied by […]