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The latest from the silvertooth team

HAZWOPER Training, Pueblo, Colorado

HAZWOPER training

Description: TIS conducted a 40 Hour HAZWOPER Hazardous materials Technician class in Pueblo, CO at the KMG Chemicals facility to prepare their personnel for uncontrolled releases of hazardous materials and hazardous substances they might encounter at their facility.  TIS provided the attending students with knowledge and hands-on training to assist them to be competent and […]

Industrial Services, Boulder, CO

Industrial cleaning services

TIS mobilized a five-person crew to Boulder, CO on April 9, 2019 to conduct the degreasing and cleaning of seven vacuum pumps for a major industrial client.  Each pump had been leaking oil over a period of months, which caused oil, dirt, and grime to buildup in each pump and pump area.  It was determined […]

Storage Tank Servicing

storage tank services

On March 28th-29th, TIS mobilized to Cahokia, IL to clean a fuel storage tank for a major pipeline company.  The 33-foot gasoline storage tank featured a steel internal floating roof (IFR), with CBI-designed legs. After the internal floating roof legs were set in high position by TIS, the tank was diesel-flushed twice and emptied by […]

24-Hour HAZWOPER Training

HAZWOPER training performed by TIS

The Iowa Fertilizer Company and their Emergency Response Team requested that TIS conduct a 24-Hour HAZWOPER Hazardous Materials Technician class to prepare them to handle uncontrolled releases of hazardous materials and hazardous substances at their Fertilizer Plant. TIS was contracted to provide the students with knowledge and hands on training to assist them to be […]

Laredo, TX Groundwater Remediation

TIS Custom Tank for Manual LNAPL Recovery

Description: In early 2017, TIS was contacted to provide assistance on an ongoing environmental remediation site in Laredo, TX. The site is an active rail-yard with multiple Light Non- Aqueous Phase Liquid (LNAPL) groundwater plumes and soil contamination. As this is a complex groundwater remediation project, TIS currently performs the following roles: groundwater/LNAPL level measurements, groundwater […]

Railroad Soil Sampling

TIS Railroad Soil Sampling Project

Two TIS employees mobilized to Meridian, Mississippi on November 6, 2017 to conduct Direct-To-Locomotive (DTL) soil sampling near the Mississippi cities of Louisville, Union, and Meridian. The soil sampling at each location was performed along the railroad track where DTL fueling takes place. This soil sampling project helps to ensure that the contracted fuel vendors […]

Shreveport Water Treatment Plant Constructions

TIS workers near water treatment plant during construction

Description: A Class I Railroad contracted TIS to design and install a new Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP), in Shreveport, LA, for their locomotive repair facility. TIS was asked to disassemble the previous WWTP and then design and install the new treatment plant to fit within the existing footprint. The improved design needed to accommodate […]

Fuel Storage Tank Cleaning

Fuel Storage Tank Cleaning

Description:  In July of 2009, TIS was mobilized to Albuquerque, New Mexico to de-gas and clean a 45-foot diameter fuel storage tank with an external floating roof (EFR) used for low-lead Aviation Gasoline (Avgas). TIS accessed the top of the EFR under confined space permit to remove numerous dead pigeons. Personal protective equipment (PPE) worn by […]

Hurricane Harvey Cleanup

oil spilled and pooling on the artificial tank ceiling

Description:     On August 25th, Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the gulf of Texas.  The slow-moving storm dumped approximately 40-50 inches of rain on Houston, TX, and the surrounding area, for five days. Personnel from the pipeline terminal soon realized that the intense rainfall had caused stored petroleum product release onto the tops of numerous […]